Recent Studies

Skizze Dreimühlenviertel Allianz Mobile Zukunft München
Munich Dreimühlenviertel

As part of the project 'Bestandsquartier der Zukunft - Dreimühlenviertel', the application of the Travel Skeleton survey helped capture the needs, satisfaction, and aspirations of the neighborhood’s inhabitants with regard to mobility and to identify potential to improve mobility and accessibility while reducing the space required for parking.

The survey was completed in November 2023 and the results of the study were presented in a public workshop in January 2024.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

To identify potential for change toward more environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation in a city where most trips are done with private vehicles, the Travel Skeleton survey was applied in Los Angeles to capture the current travel choices, mobility needs, and mobility-related attitudes of its inhabitants.

The survey was administered in the Los Angeles region through an online opinion panel between June and September 2023. The results of the study were presented at CoMotion LA in November 2023.